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Raise up to 50% more donations than last December.

Year-end campaigns skyrocket with website personalization by inspiring donors with relevant and timely appeals.

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Make your donation ask personal this year.

Learn about your audience

We build profiles for every website visitor, capturing analytics and behavioral data so you can segment donors, volunteers and create donation asks that appeal to diverse givers.

Boost engagement with segmentation

Quickly act on your insights to connect with visitors based on behavioral and profile data. Create specific appeals for different segments of your audience.

Guided next step suggestions

Guide users on a personalized journey through your website to share your story, warm up donors and serve a donation ask at the right time.

Multiply your mission

Track performance and gain insight into which donations requests convert with A/B/n testing and instant results for optimization. Tweak your appeals in a matter of minutes.

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Our Customers See Results


Revive Our Hearts raised $45,000+ in December as part of their year-end campaign using Journity.


Conversions increased up to 60% using geolocation and targeted event messaging for Life Action Ministries.

Our Approach

We believe every person that visits your website is on a unique journey to unite with your cause – whether it be a donor, volunteer, student or someone you serve.

Journity transforms websites into a one-to-one personalized experience so people who come to your website are getting the right messages and the next important step to move your mission forward.

Up and running in minutes.

Audience analytics and engagement triggers – all in one place. Journity works with all websites and starts collecting insights immediately.

Trusted by leading nonprofits:

Don’t leave money on the table this giving season.