About Us

About Five Q

Five Q, the company behind Journity, was founded on the principle of multiplying impact. That means, at the heart of what we do is an unwavering desire to grow the missions of nonprofit organizations both across the US and worldwide.

Since 2004, Five Q has been serving nonprofit organizations by helping marketers and fundraisers reach their digital audiences through SEO, user experience, creative design, brand identity, email marketing, website development, and website personalization.

We are an extension of your team. Five Q was developed for nonprofits like you; we seek to understand your goals and the obstacles you’re facing and we help you overcome them. In doing so, your challenges become our challenges and your mission becomes our mission, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

At Five Q, we empower nonprofits to digitally connect to the hearts of their partners and the people they serve.

About Journity

Journity is the latest cloud-based software solution and the first product of its kind developed specifically with nonprofit organizations in mind. Journity revolutionizes the way you think about your website by bringing you a way to connect with your digital audience on an individualized level.

At its core, Journity is based on two fundamental ideas:

  • Each individual who visits your website is on their own unique JOURNEY.
  • When you’re able to truly engage with your website visitors, you help them UNITE with your cause.

By using our simplified dashboard, you can go beyond simple website analytics to deliver messages to your website visitors in real-time, messages that resonate with individuals, because those messages are based on their own personal interests and behaviors.

In this day and age, individuals expect individualized experiences. Let’s work together to transform your organization’s site into an experience that turns website visitors into advocates of your mission. It’s time for websites to get personal.

About the Team

The Five Q Team has been dedicated to multiplying impact since its conception and we continue to grow and change to keep up with the dynamic current of digital trends.

Our team is made up of designers, developers, thought-leaders, strategists and managers all committed to excellence. We all share a passion for learning, teaching, and growing as individuals and as a team, but above all, we share a passion for helping others through honesty and commitment.