3 Ways to Enhance Your Donor Experience on Your Website

Think about your favorite restaurant. What makes it great? You love the food, the service is great, it’s a comfortable place to hang out – and you always get dessert. In short, you have a good “user experience” every time you visit. User experience (UX) is the overall...

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3 Steps to Effective Mobile Giving for Nonprofits

Mobile giving, done right, makes it easy for donors to support your non-profit organization from where they spend most of their time online – their phones. Research shows that Americans now spend about five hours a day on their mobile devices. That means they’re most...

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A/B Testing with Journity

A/B Testing is easy with Journity engagement platform. Message, delivery, imaging and segmentation are all important factors to test and optimize in order to achieve maximize results.

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Setting up a Donation Waypoint

Instant donations accept donations directly from a waypoint on your site, all while utilizing the full power of Journity’s personalization engine. Take donations directly from any page, in an attractive and easy-to-use donation widget.

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About Journity

Journity is a cloud-based software solution and the first product of its kind developed specifically for nonprofits to deepen engagement and boost online donor acquisition.