Journity is a personalization platform designed specifically for ministries, and now we’re hoping to help Churches communicate. With Journity you can:

  • Provide a special welcome to new visitors (or visitors new to the area through geotargeting)
  • Collect emails from people who engage with your website but haven’t visited your church.
  • Promote out special events, new classes or sermon series without needing the help of a programmer.

This just scratches the surface of how Journity can help churches communicate online. We’re inviting you to come explore the opportunities with us during this beta test.

In return we ask participants

  • Share their experience using Journity
  • Allow us to use their results in marketing materials

It’s our goal to provide as much value as possible to churches ministries and we’re proud of results our clients are seeing, such as 124% increase in email signups in 1 month. If you would like to be considered for a live case study register here.

Those that don’t get selected will receive 50% off their first month of Journity and a 30 day money back guarantee. Space is limited so register as soon as possible.

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