Donation Forms Powered by Behavioral Analytics

You need more than just a form on your website to grow your donor base. You need forms backed by data to drive real world results.

Advanced Segmentation

Users come to your website for different reasons. With in-depth behavioral analytics, you can meet users where they are and turn them into your biggest advocates.

Connect with Donors through Geotargeting

Location based marketing is critical as people spend more time on their phones. Reach donors in real-time based on where they are located. This is a powerful way to promote local events and uncover area sponsors.

Optimize Campaigns with A/B Testing

Create your messaging based on real data, not just hunches. Optimizing your campaign is easy with our built-in A/B/n testing platform.

Learn User Interests through Content Affinity

You’ll no longer need to wonder why users visit your website. Our content affinity algorithm not only tells you what content users like, it helps you build your campaigns around specific content.

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