We all use (and are influenced by) personalization on a daily basis. Just think of Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, or any other platform that tailors an experience just for you. People love personalization, and even expect it on most occasions. According to a report by Infosys, 86% of consumers think that personalization plays a part in their purchasing decisions.

Now, think about your website visitors; every individual is on a unique journey with your website. A generic message can make your visitors feel as if they are overlooked by your organization. However, through personalization, individuals can see exactly where they fit into your mission. Personalization is the key to building lasting relationships with your website visitors!

Are you taking advantage of the power of personalization for your website?

We have 4 awesome tips you can implement today to boost your performance:

  1. Utilize geolocation

Geolocation targeting allows you to target people who visit your site from specific geographic areas. For example, imagine you are having an event in San Diego. With geolocation targeting, a website visitor in Houston would not see your San Diego event promotion, but anyone in and around the San Diego area would be specifically encouraged to attend. By using geo-targeting, you can deliver tailored messages that are actually relevant to your visitors.

  1. Engage your “super fans”

Segmentation is the process of breaking your audience into smaller groups. By segmenting your audience, you can communicate to specific groups in unique ways that connect to their interests and involvement with your organization. For instance, you can segment website visitors into groups like first-time visitors, volunteers, one-time donors, monthly donors, etc. to ensure the right messages are being delivered to the right individuals.

Targeting your “super fans,” or 10% most engaged visitors, with a personalized donation ask can boost donations and build strong relationships with the people who are most interested in your mission. Revive Our Hearts experienced a 48% increase in monthly donors by targeting the top 10% of engaged users on their site.

  1. Target visitors based on content affinity

The type of content a visitor is engaging with on your site shows you where their interests lie. A person’s “affinity” for certain content can be analyzed and applied so they only see messages that they will personally be interested in. This helps to keep visitors from experiencing burnout from your messaging- and increase their trust that the information they’re receiving is worth engaging with.

  1. Offer express-donate options

An instant-donate feature can be a powerful tool for any personalized website. It provides a next step for your website visitors to engage with your organization and makes it undeniably simple to invest in your mission. An express-donate option can increase donations by up to 55%, based on our work with Bowery Mission.

Give your website visitors the personalization they want (and deserve!), by tailoring your site to impact each of their unique journeys. Not only will you increase engagement on your website, but you will build meaningful relationships in the process. Forget generic, boring messages and try implementing our 4 simple tips, instead. It’s time to watch your user engagement soar!