The digital landscape never stands still. Every day there’s a new app, platform, buzzword, or shiny new tool. It’s hard to keep up, and more importantly it’s hard to cut through the clutter to see what’s really important. Good thing we’ve done the heavy lifting for you!

The trends that we’re paying attention to today are based on the Internet Trends Report of 2018 written by Mary Meeker at Kleiner Perkins. This year she had 294 slides in her presentation! We have picked out a few notable trends that are really relevant to nonprofits in the digital space.

1. Adults are using digital media 5.9 hours per day

That is an insane amount of time! Digital media usage has grown 4%, and almost all of that growth has been mobile. Adults now use mobile devices for 3.3 hours of the day. How much of that time does your ministry own for your audience?

To make sure your mobile strategy is ready to go, answer three questions:

  • Does my website respond to a mobile device?
  • Do I need a mobile app?
  • Is there a plug-and-play solution, such as The Church App?

2. Educational content usage is ramping up quickly

Plenty of people are regularly using Youtube, and other educational forums, to learn anything from cooking to resume-building. There are one billion views daily on learning videos. 70% of viewers use the platform to help solve work, school, or hobby related problems.

If you have content that you believe will be valuable to your audience, test all manners of online training! You can easily send out content through subscriptions or webinars. But you can also try offering content each time an individual donates. There are plenty of options to try, so don’t miss out on all of the people that want to be educated!

3. Personalization is becoming necessary in the digital space

Of the 294 slides in the Digital Trends Report, 34 were about personalization. That is 11.5%. This trend has been growing over the years- more and more individuals expect their digital experience to be personalized.

Applications like Drift and Intercom can automate interactions with customers so that they get a more personalized experience. Think about the personalization that goes into Netflix or Spotify. A user gets custom recommendations just for them, based on previous digital behavior! This is the type of space that nonprofits need to start considering. Luckily, this personalization trend is just beginning, so you can get ahead of the game. How can you give a website visitor a personal experience?

This trend is particularly exciting to us, because Journity is the first personalization platform built uniquely for nonprofits. Our platform can give you exactly what you need to keep up with the growth of personalization.

We’re very excited about where things are headed in the digital space, and we hope you are, too. Keeping up with the constant changes can be difficult, but it will help you sustain a lasting impact in the long run. Don’t fall behind!

These are just a few of the relevant trends that we have noticed! For even more digital trends, and a more in-depth explanation of each, check out our webinar: Digital Trends Every Nonprofit Needs to Know.