Preparing for Year-End Fundraising

There are plenty of questions to ask about year-end fundraising. When should you start? How should you start? How do you evaluate your progress? Well, we were lucky enough to chat with Bryan VanHaitsma, the Digital Media director at Revive Our Hearts, and he had some...

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Digital Trends Every Nonprofit Needs To Know

The digital landscape never stands still. Every day there’s a new app, platform, buzzword, or shiny new tool. It’s hard to keep up, and more importantly it’s hard to cut through the clutter to see what’s really important. Good thing we’ve done the heavy lifting for...

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Demystifying Facebook Audiences for Nonprofits

Let’s be completely honest here: Facebook is a big deal. As one of the largest social media platforms in the world, it provides an incredible opportunity for organizations of all sizes to reach new audiences and forge new connections. To put this tremendous impact to...

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Is Your Ministry GDPR Compliant?

Data protection has been a popular topic lately in news and social media. I’m sure you have had your inbox overflowing with privacy policy updates from all of your favorite sites. Internet users are concerned that their personal data is not being carefully protected...

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About Journity

Journity is a cloud-based software solution and the first product of its kind developed specifically for nonprofits to deepen engagement and boost online donor acquisition.